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Marco Gunkelmann


Ohne Titel 

A liminal space has been painted black and a light has been shut off. In the absence of light, observers are equipped with flashlights to navigate this space.


Digital photos of seashells have been edited, mirrored, rotated and made unrecognizable. The finished subjects have been covered in a layer of phosphorescent paint.


Phosphorescent paint only glows after sufficient light exposure. The observation process itself keeps the work visible in the dark and alters the subject at the same time.


Where lifeforms have distanced themselves from recognizability, the dark depths of the oceans may be filled with one’s own imagination. Phosphorescent, as of yet undiscovered lifeforms, who only become reality once they have been discovered.



Posters are printed on demand and individually treated with phosphorescent paint (€25,00).


Print on paper, dispersion paint, phosphorescent spray paint

16.5" × 11.7" each

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